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Vertical striped blazer and skinny leg pajama jeans

DSC_0005I usually don’t go for blazers, but I thought this navy and pink striped blazer actually did me justice.  It’s a Ralph Lauren 100% wool blazer with plenty of shaping darts.  I like the vertical striped pattern in front and in back which gives the illusion of added height, the large white buttons down the front as well as on the back cuff/sleeves, the working slit front pockets and breast pocket, and the soft pink lining not only inside the jacket but also in the pockets.  The stripes are actually light pink, not white.

The blouse is Banana Republic 98% cotton 2% lycra/spandex.  It’s got big pearlized pink buttons down the front and on the 3/4 length sleeves.  Well darted/fitted as well, the collar is a littler bigger/wider than I would usually get, but it seems to go well with this jacket.

Mixing dressy tops with with casual bottoms, the pants are – get this – black skinny leg Pajama Jeans!  So comfortable and warm, and they have side stitching that matches the stitching look of the jacket stripes.  They also tuck in quite well to the black leather boots.  All of the Pajama Jeans seem to be hemmed for those under 5’4″, but the skinny leg Pajama Jeans you could probably get away with wearing if you’re a little taller if you don’t mind them being capris.

Over 40 Fashions | women 40+ wearing/sharing clothes we like

Barb Hughes 2013

UPDATE 2020 I NO LONGER OWN THE OVER 40 FASHIONS WEBSITE OR DOMAIN NAME. I finally did it!  Finally was able to change over the old Over 40 Fashions iweb site to a modern site with a lot more functionality and ease of use!  You can now search for styles by category  (tops, bottoms, accessories etc.) and also by tag (body shape and possibly other tags in the future).  Thank you for being so encouraging of my little volunteer experiment since 2009, allowing women of all sizes to show off fashions they like from their own closets.  Women 40+ get to play dress-up, share what works for them, educate women of all ages on what stands the test of time, as well as encourage each other.  Instead of trying to fit into styles/shapes/sizes/trends that aren’t flattering anymore (and were they even flattering back then anyway?), we are showing what DOES look flattering now, what we enjoy, and telling why we enjoy it. If you have arthritic feet and can’t wear high heels anymore..what cute shoes CAN you wear?

On Over 40 Fashions, we share what we like and give our opinions so we can get great new ideas on where to shop to find styles, colors, sizes, and fashions that work for us.  I’m also hoping the fashion industry and advertisers catch on and start using real women 40+ of all shapes and sizes as their models. This is why I say “If you don’t see someone who looks like you as a model, then we need YOU to contribute!”  Plus, tell your friends you’re an international (internet) fashion model – how fun is THAT?

I’m looking for clothing advertisers who want to reach the 40+ female to sponsor/advertise.  I’ve been hosting and honing Over 40 Fashions since 2009 as a hobby and feel it’s to the place where it can make a larger impact.  On another note, I’ve had people asking where they could donate, so I’ve included a donation entry on the paypal button under the sponsor link.  If you feel you’ve learned something new from this site, or want to say ‘thank you’ for the opportunity for women of all shapes and sizes to be seen and heard, feel free to donate a few bucks if you feel so inclined.

I’m so happy for those excited to share this journey.  Please subscribe using the subscribe button on the Over 40 Fashions website so you can get all posts immediately and you don’t miss anything.  Tell your friends.  And please, be a model!


Barb Hughes, founder and instigator of Over 40 Fashions

via Over 40 Fashions | women 40+ wearing/sharing clothes we like.

P.S.  this may mean some of the fashion ideas that I previously blogged about will only be seen on the Over 40 Fashions site in the future.

Tunic top and skinny elastic waist jeans

tunic & boots 1DSC_0005

Boy did I have fun this past week.  Went to The Difference where they were hosting a free seminar on fall fashion for the classic type.  Classic types tend to stay in our fashion rut – hey, if it was popular 2 decades ago, it still should look fine, right?  What I love about The Difference is they always prod me to crawl out of my fashion rut and try something new that flatters.

I am actually 3 types:  classic (I like simple, classic lines), delicate (it’s because I’m petite and about 100 pounds, not that I like the term ‘delicate’ at all), and casual (I prefer comfort over anything, so my casual side is always fighting my classic…and they both are unnerved to be considered delicate).

I think the ladies at The Difference did a fine job of helping me to find an outfit that perfectly fits ALL my criteria, while challenging my pre-conceived notions.

tunic & boots 2IMG_1853I usually shy away from tunic tops because they make me look squat – but look what looks fabulous when it’s the right cut/color/style for a petite?  This Tunic Top is Tribal brand, 94% polyester, 6% spandex.  It has a gentle cowl neck drape and long sleeves (which I prefer.  If I want 3/4 sleeves I can push them up).  I like this color combination for fall, and the pattern speaks of anything but delicate:)

The pants are by a company called Miracle Body.  The ladies at The Difference assured us that these make ANY women’s body look great.  I ended buying the pull on jeans so I could wear them under tunics without the zipper-pooch.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m of that age where I prefer elastic waist pants…or that I’m petite so any extra pooch or puff shows up more on me, but I’m finding that I’m little by little replacing all my jeans/pants with no-zipper ones.  These Miracle Body elastic waist pants are 88% cotton, 9% polyester, and 3% spandex, and have some sort of a pooch eliminator belly band inside that I didn’t even feel at all, it’s that comfortable.  The color is a gray/green, so depending on what you wear on top, they seem to change their hue.  The pants look great tucked into boots, and lay flat at the ankles.

The belt was the big investment, but it really does make this outfit, and here’s why.  I have a short waist.  O.K. a non-existent waist.  My rib cage sits on my hipbones, so there is no place for a belt to go.  However, I have long legs, so since this belt sits on my hips, it extends my short waist, AND gives my body the illusion of being taller because it dips lower in the front.  The silver buckle matches the silver in my hair, and the black leather goes with EVERYTHING, including these black leather boots and pretty much everything else I own.

The boots I got a few years ago at Nordstrom.  They are Spire Peak Merrill boots in black leather.  They’ve got thinsulate insulation and are waterproof, so they keep me warm and comfortable. They have tennis shoe like walking comfort, and have easy access inner side zips.  Check out The Difference on facebook.

Tops designed to flatter women 40+!

pauline covered perfectlyPRACTICAL is the operative word for this new clothing company, and ATTRACTIVE is the operative word for these new tops!  Covered Perfectly is a clothing company started by Pauline Durban, because she couldn’t find clothing that flattered her body.  She wanted tops that covered her arms and that were long enough to go over her belly.  She wanted comfortable soft fabric, and styles that made her feel good about herself.  So she designed a line of tops that ‘covered perfectly’ and made them easily available.

Covered Perfectly launched on May 5th 2013, so this is a brand new company with lovely clothes at reasonable prices made of fabulous fabric (the main fabric is a natural fiber, MicroModal, with a touch of spandex, which is super soft and luxurious and drapes wonderfully).  Pauline listens to the opinions of her customers – by popular demand she’s in the process of adding plus sizes to her collection, which should be in by the end of September.

Check out the Covered Perfectly website and see these gorgeous clothes for yourself.  For our readers at Better Ideas Now and Over 40 Fashions, use the discount code OVER40 and get a discount of 20% off your first order!  You’ll support a women-owned American business making a positive difference in women’s fashion, AND you’ll get fabulous fitting tops at a great price!

Book: classic style featuring women 60+

Advanced Style

Young photographer Ari Seth Cohen has captured the fashion sense and confidence of the classic older set in his book Advanced Style.  As a boy, his grandma’s fashion sense, watching classic movies, and taking trips to the library to see pictures of the past enamored Ari.  He was struck by the images of elegant and glamorous times where men and women wore hats, gloves, and dressed up because it was the thing to do.  Advanced Style shows Ari Seth Cohen’s photos of real women, most in the age range of 60-100, many giving advice on how they chose styles that work best for them.

These are great ideas no matter what your age, but are especially wonderful for Continue reading

Floral hoodie gives springtime warmth

Floral hoodieWith spring in the air, I wanted to liven up my (mostly) solid colored wardrobe with something floral.  I found this cute hoodie at Title 9 Sports.  It’s 60% cotton 40% polyester fabric is known as Mobetta, and it is soft and comfy and warm for those days when spring air still has a chill to it.  I like the way the decorative purple seams are placed in a thinning fashion in front and back.  There’s an outer zip pocket on the left sleeve, and a hidden inner patch pocket as well.

floral hoodie backThe long sleeves have thumbholes and can work as mittens, or you can cuff the ends.  The purple hood lining matches the seam trim, and the over-all look is fresh but not too overwhelming.  If you need a splash of ‘cute’ in your wardrobe, this just might be for you.

Cute fashion with an international flair

This is a wonderful presentation showing women of a variety of ages and shapes modeling adorable clothes from a little shop in Spain.  Enjoy these fresh ideas on how to put together a unique wardrobe with international flair.  The guitar music is enjoyable as well.

The English translation of the page Continue reading

Lengthen your look with a long scarf

Long red scarf

If you’re looking for a simple way to elongate an outfit, try wearing neutrals and then throw on a splash of color with a long thin gauzy scarf.  This outfit seems to give a nod to the 1920’s.

Summer weight cloche-like hat is silver/grey tweed polyester with a cute same-fabric flower on the side.  Purchased at The Difference.

Close fitting v-neck long sleeve t-shirt is a soft and fluid 75% cotton 25% rayon blend, in a steel grey, Ya Los Angeles brand.

White ‘cami’ is actually a high neck sports bra Continue reading

LBD dress – five ways to wear it this spring

Wondering how to dress between the winter/spring season?  Stylist Amy Salinger gives innovative ideas on how to combine the little black dress in your closet with some unique pairings to brighten up your winter/spring wardrobe.  See the video One Dress, Five Ways To Wear It.

Small patterns work well with petite figures

polkadotdressAt 5’1″ I have to be careful about the patterns that I wear so I don’t get swallowed up.  Here’s an any-occasion dress I purchased last year.  It’s navy with white polka dots, v neck in front and back, 3/4 length sleeves, and has a gathered underbust with inset waistband.  The knee length works well not only on petities, but on most figure types.  The dress is Clara S. brand, 70% polyester, 20% rayon, 10% spandex, and I got it from The Difference.

80’s sweater dress re-visited

80's knitdressI wanted a warm sweater dress, but it seemed the only ones I could find were either hundreds of dollars, or so flimsy and skintight I’d look like a sausage.  So when I found an authentic 1980’s shoulder padded classic long sleeve black sweater knit dress at a free swap, I snapped it up.  It was a size XL, so I removed the shoulder pads, removed the sleeves, cut down the sleeve width, cut down the dress width, and cut down the shoulder width.  I also thinned the full bib of white beads across the front to form more of Continue reading

Wrap top is good for curves

wrap topA wrap top tends to be flattering on many different bodies.  I like the slenderizing  v-neckline, and that the style and fabric flows over curves instead of squashing them.  This top is Vince Camuto brand, 96% rayon 4% spandex, so it has a soft yet stretchy natural feel.  The 3/4 length sleeves make this practical for most seasons. The diagonal draping lengthens and flatters a petite or curvy figure (whereas horizontal stripes/pattern/drape tend to make a short woman just look squat).  I got this top at Nordstrom.  Thanks to Charles Waugh photography for the photo.

Hooded sweater/jacket dress

purple coat/dressI’ve been looking for a sweater dress: something affordable, warm, and modern that could do double duty in some way.  I found this little gem at Syzygy, a boutique in Manzanita Oregon. This hooded sweater/coat dress is Horney Toad brand.  Fabric is 35% modal, 25% organic cotton, 25% nylon, and 15% angora, so it has a little more drape and a little more warmth that a 100% cotton sweater knit.  The dusty purple colored fabric has a smooth finish on the outside but inside it has a terrycloth-loop-thing going on, except for the inner hood which has a smooth lining in an olive color. Details include side pockets, a tulip hem in front, a full front zipper, and shaping darts in the back.  I like that I can wear it as a dress in the winter, but as a longer sweater/jacket in the spring and early fall.

The boots are Continue reading

The Difference video shows how to ‘finish your look’

Here’s an outfit from The Difference, a boutique store in Lake Oswego Oregon that features personal style consultants.  I’ve taken their Personal Concept consultation, enjoyed fashion workshops, and wandered around their well appointed store looking at all the pretties (and buying some of them, too – including the outfit pictured). They specialize in helping you define and refine your personal style, and inspire you to choose items that make you look wonderful.

Check out this great video on how ‘finish your look’ through grooming, accessories, and footwear.  Practical ideas to help give you polish and poise.

Pants that don’t pooch out

As  a short petite 40+ woman, the zipper or buttons in front on jeans tend to jut out, giving an odd pooch-type area on my strawberry figure.  One option is to wear elastic waist yoga type pants, but sometimes a gal wants to wear jeans.  So here’s a compromise – JAG brand Jeans have a wide stretchy denim waist band with no front closures at all, so the jeans lie flat.  Which makes  the shirt on top lie flat. Which you can then layer with a sweater.  Another nice thing about wearing pants with a flexible waist band is you don’t have to loosen or tighten a belt around the holidays – they just stretch comfortably to fit whatever time Continue reading

Floral skirt

I got this floral skirt and black sweater/jacket at a free swap.  Skirt is Younity brand, polyester knit. Sweater/Jacket Cyrus brand 78% Rayon, 22% nylon. Long sleeve t-shirt is Caslon brand, 100% cotton, purchased at Nordstrom. Leggins are 92% modal, 8% spandex, purchased at Gazelle Natural Fiber clothing. Boots are Merrill Spire Peak brand, leather, and were purchased at Nordstroms. Necklace is from The Difference.

What I like about this outfit, is it’s very comfortable and it flatters my strawberry shaped figure.