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Movie/DVD: What does living up to our potential really mean?

For me the sign of a good movie is, days later you’re still thinking about the nuances.  I recently watched Good Will Hunting for the first time (I’m a little late – this ones been out since 1997).  It’s an Academy Award Winner with best supporting actor Robin Williams and best original screenplay by Ben Affleck & Matt Damon.  It’s a film about communication, love, learning, growing, friendship, and healing.  Check it out from your local library for a feel-good think-fest.  Here’s the trailer:

Encouragement to start (or end) your day

sunsetLike mom giving you encouragement before you leave for work, or like a relaxing and calming voice of affirmation before you go to bed after a long day, enjoy listening to this 3 minute verbal encouragement by Jennifer Becker of the Conscious Product Center.

Good Friday: Parable of the grief boulder

stoneBeing’s that this is Good Friday, I thought I’d share a parable I wrote about grief, followed by an amazing song.

Parable of the Grief Boulder

What if you had a huge boulder of grief rolling along behind you your whole life – being chased like the boulder chasing Indiana Jones?  It started when you were a little kid, in total terror running to get out of it’s way, and being crushed and bruised if you weren’t fast enough.

As you grew into a teenager, since you were growing stronger, you realized sometimes you could outrun the ball of grief. It became a game of Continue reading

Book: The Source Field Investigations

The Source Field InvestigationsMy sister the librarian suggested The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock.  This book is a wild ride.  It reports on the science and lost civilizations behind the 2012 prophecies, with the best non-science explanations I’ve ever read on quantum physics, E=MC2, wormholes, time travel, and other science and math type subjects.  He also discusses the central source of core beliefs in the major world religions, which I found fascinating. Historical accounts and archeological evidence add to this fascinating soup of explaining why our particular time in history is a time of universal evolution to a ‘golden age’ of peace, healing, and exciting possibilities.  If you are a thought leader, you quite possibly will be stimulated and encouraged by this book.

March 20th is the first UN International Day Of Happiness

International Happiness Day is TODAY March 20th!  Find out more about it, and ideas on how to celebrate, here.

Wear jewels to get well: Therapeutic Gemstones

therapeutic gemstonesTaking vitamin and mineral supplements internally can give a body what it needs to stay healthy.  Patches that deliver small and slow amounts of medication via the skin can help heal as well (i.e. nicotine patches, hormone patches, sea-sick prevention patches). So it should be no surprise that science is (re)discovering a hybrid of the two – minerals you wear, in the form of Therapeutic Gemstones.

When my doctor prescribed Therapeutic Gemstones, the image of a woman draped in jewels lamenting “I have a headache – bring me the emeralds!” came to mind.   I looked into Continue reading


How To Have a Good Day

If you need a lift, watch this short video:


Breathtakingly beautiful pictures, along with inspiring words including:  “Today is not just ‘another day’ –  it’s the only gift that you have right now, and the only appropriate response is gratefulness.”

This video explains in detail How To Have a Good Day.  Watch and enjoy.

Free personality test and other tools for dream building

Went to a meet-up for intuitive-based-personalities this past Thursday, and it was GREAT! The talk was on practical tools for dream building using intellectual and spiritual platforms.  We also listened to a pre-recorded talk by Dr. Joe Dispenza discussing the science behind ones thoughts creating ones life.

The meet-up organizers Michael and Jennifer suggested a free personality test at Human Metrics that is similar to the Meyers-Briggs test. I’m an INFJ. If you’ve never taken this little quiz, it might help answer some questions for you, pinpoint your strengths, as well as help you not beat yourself up about what you perceive as your weaknesses.

Kindergarteners wear eye patches to make classmate feel better

Mrs. Brown, a kindergarten teacher in Florida, helped comfort a student who felt he wouldn’t fit in after an eye injury made wearing an eye patch to school inevitable.  The boy was afraid he would be made fun of and was fearful to return to school.

To help the student feel better, Mrs. Brown talked to the students in advance about the boys accident, and that he was going to be O.K. but had to temporarily wear an eye patch to protect his hurt eye.  She then made eye patches for ALL the students, and the children all tried doing their work with an eye patch, both adding to a new adventure of trying to work with one eye, as well as learning empathy. Mrs. Brown kindly created a safe place for her hurt student – and a road to empathy and learning for his classmates.  She is a wonderful example to us all that the little things DO matter.

Thanks to Jacksonville Florida TV station news4jax for this story:



Book: Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting

excuse me
In the book by Lynn Grabhorn Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, Lynn talks of the astonishing power of feelings, and that the scientific rule “like attracts like” also takes place with our feelings. When our energy is happy and flowing, we attract happy things into our lives.  By getting excited and feeling joy, the happy vibration attracts other joy/opportunities – not only in your original inspiration, but in other areas of your life as well.

Problem is, “like attracts like” also works in the negative – where we tend to
live much of our adult lives – but we can change that.  Lynn Grabhorn spends the majority of the book explaining step by step how, and Continue reading

Craving contrast, not drama

We crave contrast in our earthly life…interpreted as drama, change, or ‘something new’.  We create drama in our lives so we’ll be able to have something exciting happening.  We choose reading material and fill our minds with news featuring obstacles to be overcome, unreturned love, raping of innocents, etc. when what we really are craving is simply contrast.

Nature provides contrast:  changing seasons, rain, snow, wind, hail, sun, a variety of clouds and their formations, sunsets, plants in various stages of growth.  People provide contrast in their looks, actions, and tastes.  It’s fun to people watch and enjoy the variety of hair colors, skin colors, clothing styles, Continue reading

What stories are you paying attention to?

The stories we pay attention to are what form our ideas of what’s possible.  The stories we pay attention to help show us what choices we have.  Sarah van Gelder discusses in this short Tedx talk  “Solutions Journalism”, or “Appreciative Journalism”:  news that focuses on what matters most, what’s possible now, and what’s working.

Check it out here:


The parable of the ice pack

Once upon a time there was a sister and her younger brother who loved to play with each other. One day when they were playing, little brother was hurt and started crying.

Mother rushed into the room.  Sister, with big eyes squeaked,  “I don’t know what happened – It wasn’t my fault! “  Mother quickly sized up the situation saying  “your brother is hurt – get an ice pack for him and bring it here now.”  While mother held and comforted her crying son, sister quickly got an ice pack and brought it to her brother.

Mother focused her attention on comforting the boy, soothing his tears, and helping him hold the icepack to the part that hurt.   Sister stood by, a tingle of fear – was she going to be in trouble? Was she going to look bad?  But the Continue reading

If you’re feeling deprived, give something away

Occasionally I feel deprived.  Maybe I don’t have the money to buy that new dress or I can’t have a piece of cake.  One of my best cures for feeling deprived is to take inventory of what I’ve got, and to give away what I no longer need, i.e. share some of my ‘unused’ abundance.

For example, if you’ve got 4 coats (your trench, down parka, and running jacket that you actually wear…plus the fur coat your mother-in-law gave you that you’ve never worn and doesn’t even fit) then GIVE away the fur coat to someone who will appreciate it.  You can freecycle it, sell it at a consignment shop, or bring it to a Free Swap.  Selling it might make you a little money, but giving it away is uplifting and empowering spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

When you find and give something away that you no longer need, you realize how much ABUNDANCE you have.  Something as simple as Continue reading


Good sportsmanship makes for a bigger win

This video shows great sportsmanship by Spanish runner Fernandez Anaya. Kenyan athlete Abel Mutai thought he’d already passed the finish line so he slowed down, and Fernandez caught up with him.  The fans were trying to tell Abel to keep running, but since he didn’t speak Spanish he didn’t understand.   Fernandez *could* have run past him and won the race.  Instead, he helped guide Abel to the finish line first, and then took second place himself.  Good citizenship, kindness, and doing the right thing is a better idea.

Thanks to the Huffington Post for this story.

How grandparents can grow to relate to teen grandchildren

crazyclownGrandparents love grandkids.  They carry around photos of grandbabies for bragging rights.  But what happens when those grandchildren grow up to be teenagers?  How to keep the relationship fresh between grandparents and grandkids? Continue reading

How to get out of an abusive marriage

Mary StuartMary Stuart – she’s got a wide perky smile and a huge heart.  She’s a mother of three grown children and a grandma of two. She has an MA in History and undergraduate degrees in foreign languages and linguistics. She balances her life between her two passions: helping other women leave stressed and dangerous relationships and developing her cooking and entertaining skills.

Mary Stuart is writing two e-books scheduled for release mid-February, with all proceeds from one book dedicated to abuse recovery groups.  Mary writes an advice blog on how to identify various types of abuse, with articles Continue reading

Tapping into better health: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

I recently discovered a simple, free, do-it-yourself way to help relieve stress.  It’s called Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT and I learned about it in a book and then searched for more information online.  EFT is a powerful self-help method based on research showing that emotional trauma contributes greatly to disease. Clinical trials have shown that EFT is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories, fear, and incidents that trigger emotional distress. Once the distress is reduced or removed, the body can often rebalance itself, and accelerate physical healing. EFT uses elements of Cognitive Therapy and Exposure Therapy, and combines them with Acupressure, in the form of fingertip tapping on acupuncture points. Over 20 clinical trials published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals have demonstrated that EFT is effective for phobias, anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, pain, and Continue reading

Trying for the fun of it

Toby Run

Toby loves thinking – he’s a computer nerd and problem solving type of guy.  As his parents, we’ve been trying to gently persuade him to try a variety of activities while he’s young, because you just never know what you might find interesting once you try it.  But we also realize he needs to be the person to make the final choice in his activities, especially now that he’s a teenager.

During Toby’s sophomore year of high school, he stepped outside his comfort box and went out for Continue reading

Don’t be slapped around by frantic email demands

My email has stealthily accumulated myriad subscriptions to political, commercial, and hobby interests. I’d open it and be bombarded with frantic pitches to donate money, sign petitions and buy now! These were all organizations I believe in that I at one time signed a petition, or purchased something I liked/ needed, or asked to receive their newsletters/coupons.

So this past week I unsubscribed.  As I received emails, I thought over each one.  If I need their product or service in the future, I can easily Continue reading