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A better model for business: Benefit Corporations

If you’re a currently a publically traded company or corporation, your bottom line is to make money for shareholders – even if that means polluting the air/water/soil, firing needed workers (or lowering their pay, or denying them benefits), or hurting your community in any number of ways.  That race to the bottom dollar for owner(s) and their shareholders is KING in the current corporate structure!

But there’s a better way for publically traded companies and corporations to do business:  a new business model called a Benefit Corporation, or B-Corp.  650 corporations in 19 countries have already changed over to B-Corp status, and Continue reading

Hand powered flashlight is fun and funky

Use your own energy to create light!  Here’s a hand powered black cat flashlight with LED eyes.  When I squeeze the lever by my thumb repeatedly, it charges the flashlight.  No batteries to replace.  This is a productive way to use your frustation energy or keep grade school kids busy… “hey, Tommy, (stop torturing the dog and) come charge the flashlight!”  The fact that this particular flashlight is in the shape of a black cat makes it all the more fun – I display it on a shelf as a decoration so it’s always in easy reach should I need it.  I purchased this several years ago at our local New Seasons Market around Halloween, but you can find similar hand powered flashlights at places like Lehman’s Catalog and Ikea.

What does a free swap look like?

Here’s  three TV shows and videos that feature Free Swapping, how it helps the environment, is fun, and is making a positive difference:

The first video is a segment from KATU TV’s Go Green Series,  where you can see women enjoying a Free Clothing Swap and get an idea how they work. This was filmed and produced by Bryon Garvin.

The second video shows the fun of a  free December Holiday Gift and Toy Swap .  You’ll notice Continue reading

You can be the next music sensation!

Norm Bowler wants to record new artist music absolutely free.  So he created the Grumpy Old Bear Artist’s Collective, began listening to local unsigned bands, approached those he thought had talent, and offered to record them free.

But there are a few catches.  He only records singles, then releases them to iTunes and Emusic.  So you won’t get a fancy 4 color album cover and a CD to show off.  But then again, you won’t have thousands of dollars in start up costs to pay off either. If/when people start buying Continue reading

Women 40+ model clothing styles they love

UPDATE 01/08/2023 – when I started over 40 fashions, there were very few bloggers showcasing real women fashion on older women’s bodies.  Now, it is very common, due to not only websites, but instagram, youtube, facebook, and more!  I’m glad I was able to be a part of helping to make common the visualization of all sizes/ages of bodies showcasing the women’s clothing that they like and find flattering!)

As a woman 40+ it’s sometimes hard to find something that actually fits!  And it isn’t helpful that catalogs have young, tall, thin models – how can I to see what  looks right on someone MY age/size/shape?   Plus I want to see real, authentic women – not airbrushed fantasy.  I wanted to see what clothing would look  good on me at my current age – not mutton dressed as lamb, or shapeless polyester.  Isn’t there a better way?

Taking this question, I created a website that invited women over 40 to send in photos of themselves in clothes they enjoy that fit THEIR shape and size.  Loved items already in their closet – possibly their signature piece(s), or something new that they find exciting.  An added benefit:  women under 40 could see what classic fashions stand the test of time so they know what pieces to invest in.

Over 40 Fashions was born. (I no longer own the over 40 fashions domain name or website)

I add blog entries as Continue reading