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book: Zero Waste Home

zero waste homeZero Waste Home by Bea Johnson, is a book  of  fun and practical ideas written by a frugal French mom living in America with her American husband and 2 boys. While several of her ideas I already have in practice (she details composting, de-cluttering, simplifying), I found many new ideas such as a simple multi-purpose balm, techniques for waterproofing leather, and special towel folding techniques to carry food to picnics and wrap gifts.   So far I’ve tried her cocoa powder eye shadow, where I brushed cocoa powder on my eyelids.  I then asked my 17 year old son what he thought.  He was like “Mom – it makes you look old and wrinkly!”  I put on my glasses and sure enough even though I liked the color, this is a tip for someone much younger…but it was fun and simple to try!

Bea gives a list of houseplants that clean the air, tips on travel, recipes, stories from her own family, decorating, cleaning, wardrobe, gift wrapping, simple home building/craft projects, holidays and more.   It was a fun read, a cross between homesteading and housekeeping, humor and practicality, simplicity and relaxation.  Instead of making me feel overwhelmed, she made me feel comfortable and curious to try new ideas.

Check out Zero Waste Home By Bea Johnson from your local library or bookstore.

For a tiny vacation, why not stay in a tiny hotel?

For a unique vacation experience, try a tiny hotel in Portland Oregon, where you stay in a tiny house in the Alberta Arts district.  There’s lots of sights to see and things to do, plus local food shops will even give you room service!

Learn more from this article.

Kid President wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom or not – if you have ever been a kid, you’ll enjoy this Mother’s Day Greeting from Kid President.

Little things make for big memories

Horse and sisterI love my family – a quirky bunch of creative adults and teens who accept each other’s differences, and are often entertained and amused by each other.

Christmas day was an all day relaxed affair that started off with lounging at the breakfast table opening stockings.  Then lounging in the living room opening presents one by one.  Each present was looked at, talked about, used or partially read, before we moved on to the next present.  This made for hours of Continue reading

Sweet tradition: cookie day!

Cookie DayLooking for a holiday tradition that doesn’t involve drinking to excess, shopping into poverty, or watching TV until your eyes fall out?  Here’s all-age, interactive fun involving friends and/or family…and it ends with good times and sweet gifts for all.  My friend Sue Warner-Bean – who the tradition belongs to – tells the story in her own words:

Hi! Oh gosh yes — happy to have you share it with others. It has become a Really Big Deal for all of us, including the kids. Cookie Day started about Continue reading

Easy Folk Art Reindeer project

folk art reindeerWhat a great use for scraps from  2×4’s!  My son wanted to build something, but at the time he was only a third grader, and I’m not very handy with building tools.  So we created this simple folk art project from scrap 2×4’s laying around the garage.  Using a combination of nails and screws, we attached the boards, then painted them with outdoor paint.  The sponge clown nose is attached with a nail, and the antlers are Continue reading

Creative reusable gift wrap using fabric, scarves, and more

gift wrap:fabric and scarvesGift wrap – it’s pretty, but it costs a lot of money and then you throw it away.  Here’s an earth-friendly alternative, especially if you have a lot of fabric or scarves laying around.  Scarves, pillowcases, and random pretty fabric can all work …closed up with a few safety pins, rubber bands, or creative tying.  Here are some examples:

Put your square or rectangle gift inside a pillowcase, fold the case over, then tie Continue reading