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You can be the next music sensation!

Norm Bowler wants to record new artist music absolutely free.  So he created the Grumpy Old Bear Artist’s Collective, began listening to local unsigned bands, approached those he thought had talent, and offered to record them free.

But there are a few catches.  He only records singles, then releases them to iTunes and Emusic.  So you won’t get a fancy 4 color album cover and a CD to show off.  But then again, you won’t have thousands of dollars in start up costs to pay off either. If/when people start buying Continue reading

Lightweight bead neckace

I got this necklace at a free swap, and LOVE it because it’s lightweight. I’m not sure what material the beads are made of, but they are smooth rounded heart shapes in the colors of silver, charcoal and black, with a gold cord and small gold round metal beads between each heart shape. Metal clasp closure. I like it because it has a classic yet modern look about it, doesn’t overwhelm my petite figure, and yet makes a statement. And the colors are neutral enough to go with many things I already have.