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Book review: Over-Dressed

I upcycled/combined cashmere scraps and a too-small cashmere sweater today creating a ‘new’ sweater that fits.  One of the reasons I was motivated to play with sweater scraps is I just finished reading the book “Over-Dressed, the shockingly high cost of cheap fashion” by Elizabeth L. Cline.

The over consumption of cheap goods has turned clothes into disposable items, which hurts the earth – and us –  in so many ways. She points out that most of the clothes now available through fast retailers are shapeless boring items made from cheap fabrics, and that items made before the 90’s (before we outsourced much of our fabric/clothing to factories in Asia) usually are better quality. True vintage items many times are of better quality still – but can be nearly as expensive as high fashion!

Near the end of the book she discusses the beginning of turning Continue reading