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LBD dress – five ways to wear it this spring

Wondering how to dress between the winter/spring season?  Stylist Amy Salinger gives innovative ideas on how to combine the little black dress in your closet with some unique pairings to brighten up your winter/spring wardrobe.  See the video One Dress, Five Ways To Wear It.

An obsession with printed jeans

patterned jeansJeannie W of the blog Gracefully 50 talks about her current favorite fashion -Printed Jeans:

This outfit represents my current obsession for printed jeans.  I feel like they’re a great alternative to blue jeans – which I love.  Because of patterns/colors of the jeans, I chose neutral colors to showcase the jeans.  I know that printed jeans are not for everyone, but it’s a fun way to dress up an otherwise blue jean weekend. 

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