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Improve your look – make-over videos!

ReVamp! salonspa in Uptown Minneapolis was voted “Best of the Twin Cities” by Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, and is regularly featured in local and national print, radio, television and internet presentations. Christopher Hopkins’ original vision continues with the mission: “To inspire beauty and enrich lives in a spirit of friendliness, professionalism, and joy.”

From the website of The Make Over Guy  here’s a bunch of make-over videos of women 40+!

Such fun to watch, and a great way to get better ideas on what might work for me/you as well.  If you can afford it and are in the Minneapolis area, go for it!

Here’s just one example of how to show yourself love: a make-over from the site.

Lengthen your look with a long scarf

Long red scarf

If you’re looking for a simple way to elongate an outfit, try wearing neutrals and then throw on a splash of color with a long thin gauzy scarf.  This outfit seems to give a nod to the 1920’s.

Summer weight cloche-like hat is silver/grey tweed polyester with a cute same-fabric flower on the side.  Purchased at The Difference.

Close fitting v-neck long sleeve t-shirt is a soft and fluid 75% cotton 25% rayon blend, in a steel grey, Ya Los Angeles brand.

White ‘cami’ is actually a high neck sports bra Continue reading

Old fashioned shoe cobbler: quality service at an affordable price

Hollywood Shoe RepairA few years back we found cute black cowboy boots for my teen daughter at a thrift shop.  They were in great shape except for the heels – which were trashed. We found an unassuming little cobbler shop nestled in a basement in our neighborhood. Hollywood Shoe Repair is owned and operated by Alex.  Not only was he kind and helpful, but his repair work was quality and reasonably priced.  He replaced the worn boot heels, but he went the extra mile and shined up the entire boots so they looked brand new!

Recently I was shoe shopping for waterproof walking/hiking shoes.  Although my Continue reading

LBD dress – five ways to wear it this spring

Wondering how to dress between the winter/spring season?  Stylist Amy Salinger gives innovative ideas on how to combine the little black dress in your closet with some unique pairings to brighten up your winter/spring wardrobe.  See the video One Dress, Five Ways To Wear It.

Simple and classy look for fall, winter, and early spring

jeansbootstshirt_2Simple and classy:  That’s what Jade shows in this photo with her slenderizing and tasteful outfit.  V-neck t-shirt with 3/4 sleeves, straight leg jeans,  boots, plus a heart pendant silver necklace, silver glasses and silver cuffs.

Thanks, Jade, for sharing this great look.

Wear jewels to get well: Therapeutic Gemstones

therapeutic gemstonesTaking vitamin and mineral supplements internally can give a body what it needs to stay healthy.  Patches that deliver small and slow amounts of medication via the skin can help heal as well (i.e. nicotine patches, hormone patches, sea-sick prevention patches). So it should be no surprise that science is (re)discovering a hybrid of the two – minerals you wear, in the form of Therapeutic Gemstones.

When my doctor prescribed Therapeutic Gemstones, the image of a woman draped in jewels lamenting “I have a headache – bring me the emeralds!” came to mind.   I looked into Continue reading

Small patterns work well with petite figures

polkadotdressAt 5’1″ I have to be careful about the patterns that I wear so I don’t get swallowed up.  Here’s an any-occasion dress I purchased last year.  It’s navy with white polka dots, v neck in front and back, 3/4 length sleeves, and has a gathered underbust with inset waistband.  The knee length works well not only on petities, but on most figure types.  The dress is Clara S. brand, 70% polyester, 20% rayon, 10% spandex, and I got it from The Difference.

Yoga shoes exercise your feet while you relax

toe sandlesHere’s my yoga shoes.  I wear them when I get out of the shower for half an hour or so to strengthen my feet.  You know in yoga class where the instructor always tells you to spread your toes so your weight is distributed better for balance?  These shoes help you do that.  And after you get used to the strange feeling, they feel great.

These are for around the house wear – you don’t want to wear them all day because your feet would probably get fatigued.  But used as part of a healthy body and strengthening/balance regime, they are a nice addition.

Reader glasses with flair: Borghese readers by Icon Eyewear

iconeyewearI get to be a product tester! This is the first test product: a free sample of Borghese Readers from Icon Eyewear. The review goal was 50 words on “What did you like most about the Borghese readers from Icon Eyewear?”  I’ve underlined what I liked most.  Here’s my take:

Borghese Readers from Icon Eyewear fit women’s faces – slim to the head – no sliding around the ears.  Frame color is root beer in acrylic; sides are gold/black toned metal, earpieces plastic with a textural pattern (traction to keep glasses from falling off an eyeglass chain). Professional yet playful vibe.

See them in action at the Would I Wear That? Segment here.

Tech way to create a pony tail

This might be the easiest way to put hair in a ponytail for those who prefer to use a tech/tool instead of using one’s hands alone. I found it humorous as well as strangely practical.  Vacuum cleaners are amazing tools, and I like how this video shows an innovative additional use for an everyday tool.

New clothing line for go-getter women 40+

All_Styles_1There’s a new women’s clothing venture out of Seattle WA called TomboyX  – clothing specifically for go-getter women 40+ .

I like the details, fabrics, and innovative design features in the sample clothes shown in the video.  Women’s body’s over 40 start to change, so the designers fit the clothing on actual 40+ bodies (instead of the standard young-body fit model) to make sure the clothes fit right.  Details such as a special hidden button to keep button-front shirts from gaping, wider sleeves, and fabric cut on the bias for natural stretch are just some of the innovative details that make this clothing line different.  I also like that everything from design to production to marketing is made in America – which means Continue reading

80’s sweater dress re-visited

80's knitdressI wanted a warm sweater dress, but it seemed the only ones I could find were either hundreds of dollars, or so flimsy and skintight I’d look like a sausage.  So when I found an authentic 1980’s shoulder padded classic long sleeve black sweater knit dress at a free swap, I snapped it up.  It was a size XL, so I removed the shoulder pads, removed the sleeves, cut down the sleeve width, cut down the dress width, and cut down the shoulder width.  I also thinned the full bib of white beads across the front to form more of Continue reading

Wrap top is good for curves

wrap topA wrap top tends to be flattering on many different bodies.  I like the slenderizing  v-neckline, and that the style and fabric flows over curves instead of squashing them.  This top is Vince Camuto brand, 96% rayon 4% spandex, so it has a soft yet stretchy natural feel.  The 3/4 length sleeves make this practical for most seasons. The diagonal draping lengthens and flatters a petite or curvy figure (whereas horizontal stripes/pattern/drape tend to make a short woman just look squat).  I got this top at Nordstrom.  Thanks to Charles Waugh photography for the photo.

Wanted: Women of all sizes, aged 40+ (make fashion history)

fashion pixYou’ve noticed the Fashion category of Better Ideas Now has examples that are practical, mostly affordable, and flattering.  But what you may not have realized is all the models are 40+ years old.  What’s THAT all about?

I figured if it looks good on women 40+, it will look good on a variety of women, and it’s probably a classic style that will stand the test of time. Most women over 40 won’t put up with uncomfortable clothes or shoes, or ill-fitting styles/fabrics, so that’s another reason why contributors are 40+.  They’re honest if something fits and feels right, and honest about their bodies as well – not as scared of a pooch or a wrinkle as a younger woman might be.  They respect and honor their shape, size, and experience, and want to see if a style/fashion ‘really’ will be flattering Continue reading

Hooded sweater/jacket dress

purple coat/dressI’ve been looking for a sweater dress: something affordable, warm, and modern that could do double duty in some way.  I found this little gem at Syzygy, a boutique in Manzanita Oregon. This hooded sweater/coat dress is Horney Toad brand.  Fabric is 35% modal, 25% organic cotton, 25% nylon, and 15% angora, so it has a little more drape and a little more warmth that a 100% cotton sweater knit.  The dusty purple colored fabric has a smooth finish on the outside but inside it has a terrycloth-loop-thing going on, except for the inner hood which has a smooth lining in an olive color. Details include side pockets, a tulip hem in front, a full front zipper, and shaping darts in the back.  I like that I can wear it as a dress in the winter, but as a longer sweater/jacket in the spring and early fall.

The boots are Continue reading

Nordstrom: socially responsible customer service, wrapped up in fashion

NordstromWhere can you get your make-up done for free, have a personal shopper scour the store for just the items you want, eat a healthy meal, and find clothes that fit (or have them altered so they do)?  For a pampering experience in fashion, I think of Nordstrom.  Nordstrom is a regionally owned socially responsible company that caters to what the Northwest views as upscale casual.  Their products are a good price for quality.  But the real treat comes in the customer service extras they offer.

Personal shoppers will take your size and tastes and find you things to try on.  So if you’re in a rush, or if you hate shopping, they’ll basically do the legwork for you.  In the lingerie department Continue reading

Brushstroke ‘retro’ dress, front-ruffle shrug, and spanx are classics that work

'retro' dress, black shrug

Anne looks great and is comfortable in this cream/black/brown brushstroke patterned ‘Retro’ dress.  Brand is Olivia Matthews, and she found it at Ross Dress For Less.  The dress has an included skinny black belt, cap sleeves, pleated scoop neck with keyhole opening and black button detail.  The back-zip 40’s/50’s era shape has a fitted bodice and straight skirt with darts.

The black front-ruffle shrug is polyester, Dress Barn brand, and Anne found it at Goodwill.  The elbow length sleeves compliment the shrugs’ over-all length, where the shrug curves up in the front and dips down in the back to a peplum finish.

The shoes are Continue reading

Breathable, waterproof, comfortable boots

Bog bootsBog boots are breathable, waterproof, and comfortable.  I got a pair for myself several years ago, and my teenage daughter kept borrowing them, so I purchased a pair for her as well.  She tells me she wears them practically every day on her college campus in the winter, tucks her jeans into them, wears her coat, and knows that no matter what – rain, snow, wind, sun – she’ll still be comfortable.

I like that they are easy to walk in and seem to just know what temperature Continue reading

Luxury brands at consignment store prices

Pink coatJoan loves the color pink.  She also prefers the luxury of designer brands at consignment store prices.  Here Joan is wearing her pink knee length car coat in sturdy cotton.  It has vintage detail, such as glass pink buttons, velvet ribbon around each cuff, and pink netting around each cuff as well.  The pants are Ann Taylor Loft petites cotton/lycra blend.  The coat and pants were both purchased at the Silver Lining consignment shop in Milwaukie OR.

The gray leather short half boot with buckle detail is Continue reading

Black, white, and gray look wonderful combined

Black/white/grey blend wellJade displays how black, white, and gray combine quite well.

The top and the skirt have the illusion of a dress, but are actually separates of different black/white patterns;  the top is a zebra print, the skirt is a floral/leaf print.

The three button black cardigan/blazer with black pointy-toed pumps ground the outfit, while gray tights and Jades silver hair compliment the total look.