1.  If you want to respond to a post, please leave a comment after the post.

2.  If you are a thought leader and want to share your projects, send an email message 200 words or less, and attach any links/photos, to barb.hughestaylor (@) gmail (dot) com  (I’ve written it this way because I’ve been getting lots of spam due to having the actual address in a hyper link).   I’m always looking for better ideas to discuss on this blog, and I’m especially interested in ‘the little guy’ type of projects.  As in ones that anyone can do to make a positive difference in their corner of the world.  I’m also looking for ideas that NEED to happen – ones that are so practical and obvious that we wonder why they haven’t been created yet.


Barb & Chris 20131. Hire The Hughes/Taylor Company for your next audio project – we’ve been doing quality, professional voice overs and audio production for over 30 years.

2. Buy Chris Taylor’s original music albums, including:

ChrisTaylor In Those DaysA:  In Those Days, an album of classic keyboard pop on themes of love, family, & community.  You’ll be moved and inspired by these original songs written as a legacy to his children, wife, parents, grandfather, neighborhood, and world.

B. Friday Sessions is an instrumental album of pop/smooth jazz with a tinge of Vince Guaraldi thrown in.  You’ll go to sleep happy listening to this. Or stay awake feeling relaxed and in a good mood.  Great for all ages from babies to grandparents.

C. Meditations is one hour of original contemplative instrumental music (9 songs in all) – perfect to listen to while getting a massage.

Thanks for making a positive difference in your corner of the world!

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