Free Speech

Free speech does not give you ‘rights’ to terrorize people (children, girls, women, immigrants, people who look different then you etc.).

Free speech does not give you ‘rights’ to commit murder.

We need to reel in this thinking that our ‘rights’ include using anger, hatred, and abuse to take away the personhood, safety, and even lives of others. If white supremacists are so enamored by their white skin that they want to flaunt it and show it off, go ahead! Show off your beautiful skin. Talk about how much you love your skin.

If a person thinks their religion is the best religion, then by all means love your religion! Go to your group and sing your songs and read your books and celebrate how great your god is.

But that doesn’t give you the ‘right’ to harass people who’s skin is a different color then your own, or who choose to celebrate their religion in a different way.

That doesn’t give you the ‘right’ to terrorize girls.

That doesn’t give you the ‘right’ to intimidate, terrorize, or seize other people’s bodies, minds, or physical lives.

Free speech comes with responsibilities to honor others, not just ourselves. And when the idea of honoring ourself involves causing harm to another, then that is no longer honor, that is a crime.

Barb Hughes

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