Flowing, breathable, beachy-type tunic

beige and white top backHere’s contributor Lynne Spreen, talking about her new favorite place to shop for breathable fiber casual clothes.

Hi Barb, here is the first outfit, 2 pics, one of back and one of front.

I just discovered a wonderful store called Fresh Produce. They sell a lot of flowy stuff but it’s all cotton or similar fibers, very breathable. Like Chico’s only not so plastic. The store makes me think beach first and desert second. It’s casual but stylish. Prices are a little north of mid-range, but they’re always having sales and promotions. ALMOST EVERYTHING is made in the USA -win!

beige and white top frontThis outfit is a combo of Fresh Produce (the beige and white top) and the white capris are Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. Top is 100% cotton. I love how forgiving it all is since I’m pear shaped, 59 years old and, and 5’8″.

Thanks to Lynne Spreen for giving her opinion on what works for her.

4 responses to “Flowing, breathable, beachy-type tunic

  1. Thanks, you two! I feel so happy to have found this comfy line of clothes.

  2. I really love clothes with stars! She looks beautiful!

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