Hypnotherapy helps change brain hardware

Rose of Heartwise HypnotherapyHumans only use a small percentage of our brains.  That’s because 7% of our brain goes to conscious thought, and 93% to subconscious.  Our subconscious is our processing hardware used for things like breathing, heartbeat, blood, walking, digesting, etc.  It also processes our dreams, and includes our memory banks and experience – which can include phobias, bad habits, and other things we find hard for our conscious mind to control.

I’ve found a business that is working to help re-wire the subconscious hardware so we can change some of the ingrained habits at the core level.  Rose Ludwig, RN CHt, is the founder of Heartwise Hypnotherapy in Vancouver Washington.  As a licensed Consulting Hypnotist, she also has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, is a Registered Nurse, a former professional bodywork practitioner, and has trained in several other healing modalities.  Rose works with her clients in areas such as stress management, enhancing creativity and imagination, management of physical problems (morning sickness, snoring, preparation for surgery, more energy), ego strengthening (self image, exam confidence, improving self-esteem), habit and behavior changes (smoking cessation, weight control, nail biting, motivation to exercise) and phobias/fears (fear of dentists, spiders, public speaking, dogs, needles, etc.).  Rose first of all LISTENS to find out what a persons’ core needs are.  Then she asks lots of questions so she knows what type of therapy to use.

I had a lot of pre-conceived notions about hypnotherapy.  The image of a pocket watch dangled in front of my face, pendulous back and forth, with a voice saying “you are getting veeeery sleeeepy” never materialized.   Instead, I was aware of all that was going on, but I did feel very relaxed.  For me personally, Rose asked me what I wanted to see take place during our sessions, then we discussed how she would go about helping me reach my goals.  She suggested guided imagery and relaxation techniques.  She gave me simple exercises to work on at home.  It was painless, relaxing, and I’m seeing positive results to some long standing stresses.  I’ve had limited/temporary change through other medical modalities, but hypnosis seems to be actually helping to change my subconscious wiring so everything consciously is working better.   Rose Ludwig is a great listener and has a huge heart for helping others.  She does amazing work to help reprogram and heal parts that are difficult to reach through other modalities.

If you have things you want to change in your life – maybe to stop smoking, lose weight, change a habit or fear, or just to live a more positive and focused life, you might consider taking Rose at Heartwise Hypnotherapy up on her free 30 minute no obligation initial consultation in the Portland Oregon or Vancouver Washington areas, to see if she can help you reach your goals.

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