Elegant black evening gown

Marilyn black dressMarilyn shares this elegant gem from her own closet:

One of my occupations is going to non-profit auctions, and bid spotting for the auctioneer. I need to look great and have comfortable clothes to move in. This classic black dress always fits the bill.

The beautiful dress I am wearing is an elegant black velvet evening gown. I love how it stretches, flows, and rarely wrinkles. The waistline follows my contour curves nicely. The shoulder straps have cute little roses embellished on them.  I picked it up at a garage sale. The dress is made by “Dress Barn”. Black is my favorite color to wear. It flatters any size woman.

Thanks to Marilyn Burns for sharing!

You can share items from your closet, too!  When we share, we see how items really look on shapes/ages like ours.  If you don’t see a shape like yours represented, please be a model/contributor!   Here’s how.

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