Every person can make a positive difference to benefit all

SI_at_Friendly_House_(6)_for_webThe Community Legacy Program of Our United Villages believes that every person can make a positive difference for the benefit of all.  They celebrate and support everyday people who in small ways are making a positive difference in their communities.  To celebrate, they have monthly free Sharing Ideas meetings that give individuals a chance to tell how they got involved/created their community strengthening idea, and how others can duplicate their template, allowing individual passions to encourage and inspire others.  To support, they provide free tools and resources on their website.

My husband Chris and I recently had the opportunity to share about Free Swaps.  Here’s the article on the Swap and Glean presentation.   Amber, the swap hostess for the Gresham family swap was able to attend (that’s her pretty blonde hair in the photo above) and she showed off her outfit – most of which had been found at free swaps!  There was also delicious free food, and many kind people who wanted to grow, be encouraged, and learn new ways to help their communities.

If you want to be on the Community Legacy Program mailing list to learn about upcoming free Sharing Ideas talks, read more Legacy Stores, or have access to their tools and resources, click here.

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