Clean the floor and air at the same time

rainbow vacuumWhen I moved into my first apartment, one of the first things I did was get a carpet cleaning demonstration.  I mean, what a great way to get your carpets cleaned for free, right?  Well, I fell in love with the vacuum, a brand known as a Rainbow. First I vacuumed the floor a bit with my traditional old vacuum.  Then the salesman vacuumed over the part I just did with the Rainbow.  Tons of dirt came out!  Plus, the air in the room smelled so fresh and clean after the rainbow, because it not only sucks up the dirt on the floor, but dust in the air, too.  It had attachments to vacuum the sofa, mattress, hardwood floors, and more as well.  I was hooked.  My first investment as a new apartment renter was a Rainbow vacuum.   I couldn’t afford a new one (they are thousands of dollars), but I was able to purchase a re-built for a still expensive but much more affordable price. I’ve never regretted my purchase.  I’ve had it checked a time or two, gotten replacement parts, and I even traded up to another re-built at one time when I moved into my home.  27 years later I still have my Rainbow vacuum, am still happy with it, and it’s still cleaning my house and air.

A few things you need to know if you get a Rainbow: It doesn’t have a paper bag like most other vacuums, but instead has a water dish, so the dirt all goes right into the water, which when you’re done you dump into the toilet or outside, and then toss the solid remainders into the trash.  Also, you can’t leave water to sit in the water dish, but need to dump it out right after and dry the dish, as well as take out and scrub the air filter to keep it clean.  That’s all the maintenance needed.  It looks like R2D2, so it isn’t easy to carry for use on stairways, but for regular household use I’ve been thrilled.  It’s also nice to know if you suck up bugs they won’t live in some paper bag breeding, but drown and are flushed down the toilet.

I guess you can only get new Rainbow Vacuums through in home sales now, but you can get re-conditioned machines and replacement parts locally or online.

2 responses to “Clean the floor and air at the same time

  1. My folks have this vacuum, and it is beyond wonderful!

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