Soft drape top

denisetopHere’s a favorite dressy top from contributor Denise:

Just thought I’d like to participate in your ‘Share Your Style – Be A Model’. I think it’s a wonderful idea to showcase ordinary women, no matter what shape or size, because, after all, we are the REAL women of the world.
I am 50 years’ old. I am grey and proud. I am a UK Size 12 (occasionally I’ll get away with a 10) and am most probably a ‘pear’ shape. I am 5′ 6″ tall.
The item of clothing I’d like to share with you is the top I am wearing. I bought it recently from a fabulous online women’s fashion site called ‘Kaleidoscope’
I wore the top last night at a youth club re-union event and I absolutely love it. The colour matches my complexion and my grey hair perfectly. The fabric is soft and comfortable and I particularly like the way it drapes so softly at the front – very feminine and elegant. I love the long sleeves as they hide older arms and give a very sleek look to the top. I wouldn’t normally go for a longline design, as I like to wear shorter tops to show my waist, but I really like this. I wore it last night with my smooth black trousers but it also goes fantastically well with white trousers (but we haven’t got the weather for that yet!). The top is made by Patrizia Dini. I felt like a million dollars when I wore this last night – and I received many compliments.

4 responses to “Soft drape top

  1. Thanks lovely lady Jan! 🙂

  2. Thanks Barb for featuring me in your ‘Share Your Style – Be A Model’ – hope other over 40 women will participate in this wonderful idea of yours! 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing your style tips and what works for you. I think it’s important (and fun) for us to see what styles actually flatter various sizes/shapes of women. It’s hard for me to see a model in a typical magazine who is 20 years old, 6 ft tall, and very thin, and try to imagine what the outfit she’s wearing would really look like on me. Seeing real women my age in outfits they like helps me to see what works. And I hope it helps other women as well. Any woman who is 40 or older can share – just go to for details:)

  3. You look lovely as always Denise 🙂

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