Comfort takes center stage for casual activities

Here’s a favorite spring/summer look from my friend Lita:

I ALWAYS dress for comfort.  This outfit takes me where ever I need to go:  volunteer work, shopping, gardening or chaperoning for school or church groups.  It is practical, comfortable AND affordable!

100% Cotton, Faded Glory V-neck t-shirt in sage green from WalMart ($4.98)
100% Cotton, No Boundaries mid-calf yoga pants from WalMart ($12.98–but I got them off clearance rack for $5)
aqua garden clogs from BiMart ($3 clearance year before last)

I chose the sage green to tone down the red spots I get on my face when I eat chocolate.  The top of the yoga pants has a multi-colored band that will go with any color shirt I choose.  I like the clogs because they are comfy and easy off and on PLUS they say “I’m not afraid”. I also have a pair of hot pink clogs.

I am a banana: no bust, no waist and no hips. 🙂

Blessings to you!

I’d love to see what YOU are wearing!  I’m seeking non-airbrushed photos and descriptions of things in your closet that you like and actually wear.  If you’re over 40 and would like to share ideas that work for you, please click here.

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