Comfort takes center stage for casual activities

Here’s a favorite spring/summer look from my friend Lita:

I ALWAYS dress for comfort.  This outfit takes me where ever I need to go:  volunteer work, shopping, gardening or chaperoning for school or church groups.  It is practical, comfortable AND affordable!

100% Cotton, Faded Glory V-neck t-shirt in sage green from WalMart ($4.98)
100% Cotton, No Boundaries mid-calf yoga pants from WalMart ($12.98–but I got them off clearance rack for $5)
aqua garden clogs from BiMart ($3 clearance year before last)

I chose the sage green to tone down the red spots I get on my face when I eat chocolate.  The top of the yoga pants has a multi-colored band that will go with any color shirt I choose.  I like the clogs because they are comfy and easy off and on PLUS they say “I’m not afraid”. I also have a pair of hot pink clogs.

I am a banana: no bust, no waist and no hips. 🙂

Blessings to you!

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