Book: The Paleo Solution (The Original Human Diet), by Robb Wolf

The Paleo SolutionA fun little romp through human history, this diet book explains what the human body needs to function optimally, and backs it up with archeology, science, chemistry, and more.  Robb Wolf is a research biochemist and athlete who wants to help people get and stay well (his own parents were sick a lot), so opened a gym focusing on how simple nutrition, exercise, and a few lifestyle changes can radically improve ones’ appearance, health, and longevity.

This is an entertaining book, but I was impressed most with the charts about what foods have the highest nutritional and fiber value (spoiler:  it’s not grains).  Along with information, stories, and humor, there’s a chapter with recipes and some simple exercises to follow that give the most benefit without killing you.

This book is very popular at our library, and in fact is due back today, so I need to return it so I don’t get a fine.  On the cover Robb states “Transform you life in 30 days!  Lose Weight, Get Fit, Reverse Disease”.  The Paleo Solution (The Original Human Diet), by Robb Wolf.

2 responses to “Book: The Paleo Solution (The Original Human Diet), by Robb Wolf

  1. This book sounds interesting in a lot of ways.

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