Old fashioned shoe cobbler: quality service at an affordable price

Hollywood Shoe RepairA few years back we found cute black cowboy boots for my teen daughter at a thrift shop.  They were in great shape except for the heels – which were trashed. We found an unassuming little cobbler shop nestled in a basement in our neighborhood. Hollywood Shoe Repair is owned and operated by Alex.  Not only was he kind and helpful, but his repair work was quality and reasonably priced.  He replaced the worn boot heels, but he went the extra mile and shined up the entire boots so they looked brand new!

Recently I was shoe shopping for waterproof walking/hiking shoes.  Although my current waterproof walking shoe/boots were still in great shape, they had worn down on the outside heels so they were not doing my feet nor back any favors.  A new pair of waterproof walking/hiking shoes cost upwards of $140, so on a hunch I brought my old shoes to Alex to see if he could repair them, and if so, if it would be cost effective to do so.  For $25 he re-vamped the soles of my shoes.  They still look new, and now they walk like new as well.

Alex also does little repairs such as adding holes to belts if you lose weight, and he has a small line of quality practical shoes for sale in his shop.  I was impressed with the quality, the price and the service of this little shop.  Check out a locally owned shoe repair shop in your neighborhood if you want to extend the life of your nice shoes or boots.  And if you are ever in the Hollywood District of NE Portland Oregon, check out Hollywood Shoe Repair at 4504 NE Sandy Blvd. and tell Alex you read about his quality work on Better Ideas Now.

3 responses to “Old fashioned shoe cobbler: quality service at an affordable price

  1. Yea, I read your blog post and remembered that about my own experience. What you are saying about getting shoes re heeled/soled is sound advice. I just wish more people would realise before throwing about a perfectly good pair of shoes. Or worse their favourite pair. A good pair of shoes can be hard to come by sometimes. 🙂 I am trying.

  2. In the UK we have timpsons. Which are a good quality cobbler, who guarantee their work. I like that you re-soled your shoes, it means in a way more environmentally friendly and you get to save the pennies… 🙂

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