Take a class at a relationship school

SherWe go to primary school to learn basic skills to prepare ourselves for thinking and problem solving.  We go to college or learn a trade to prepare ourselves with tools to have a successful career.  But we go into relationships and marriage by the seat of our pants with no formal before-the-fact training.  Why not look to gain skills BEFORE we get into a relationship?  That’s what Sher Irelands A Beautiful Marriage classes are all about. Their mission is to educate couples in the art of relationship, so they can move into relationships and/or marriage with more awareness and skill.

A Beautiful Marriage is a business and counseling center pioneering this type of education.  Through workshops, media, a newsletter, counseling, and more, Sher Ireland is leading the charge in education first – BEFORE problems arise.  Why not be at least as prepared and planning for good relationships as we are for all the other things we value in life?

Sher Ireland plans to turn her 18 workshops into a series to be sold online, which will probably take a year or more to write and produce.  She is also in the process of writing books to share what she has learned and taught to help couples in their communication journeys.

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