Kindergarteners wear eye patches to make classmate feel better

Mrs. Brown, a kindergarten teacher in Florida, helped comfort a student who felt he wouldn’t fit in after an eye injury made wearing an eye patch to school inevitable.  The boy was afraid he would be made fun of and was fearful to return to school.

To help the student feel better, Mrs. Brown talked to the students in advance about the boys accident, and that he was going to be O.K. but had to temporarily wear an eye patch to protect his hurt eye.  She then made eye patches for ALL the students, and the children all tried doing their work with an eye patch, both adding to a new adventure of trying to work with one eye, as well as learning empathy. Mrs. Brown kindly created a safe place for her hurt student – and a road to empathy and learning for his classmates.  She is a wonderful example to us all that the little things DO matter.

Thanks to Jacksonville Florida TV station news4jax for this story:


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