Craving contrast, not drama

We crave contrast in our earthly life…interpreted as drama, change, or ‘something new’.  We create drama in our lives so we’ll be able to have something exciting happening.  We choose reading material and fill our minds with news featuring obstacles to be overcome, unreturned love, raping of innocents, etc. when what we really are craving is simply contrast.

Nature provides contrast:  changing seasons, rain, snow, wind, hail, sun, a variety of clouds and their formations, sunsets, plants in various stages of growth.  People provide contrast in their looks, actions, and tastes.  It’s fun to people watch and enjoy the variety of hair colors, skin colors, clothing styles, gaits, voices, and more.

To meet our need and craving for contrast, we don’t need to hurt others or ourselves.   We just need to sit back and acknowledge what is already being displayed in nature.  We need to appreciate and be thankful for the variety.  Yes, that variety includes floods and hurricanes and earthquakes – and those aren’t fun.  Nature in its contrast has enough natural things going on that cause contrast in the form of panic and pain without us creating panic and pain ‘for fun’ to fill in our craving for contrast.

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