Book: You Can Buy Happiness (and It’s Cheap)

you can buy happinessA fun little romp by Tammy Strobel, You Can Buy Happiness (and It’s Cheap) is a story of how one woman radically simplified her life and how you can too.  Tammy began (like many of us) by working and commuting long hours, living on credit, shopping for clothes during lunch break, and coveting a big diamond wedding ring.  She and her husband had the car, the nice apartment, an over abundance of things…but she was also in debt, didn’t have time, and felt empty.

Part memoir, part economic research, part spiritual mentor, part humor, You Can Buy Happiness is a fun book written by a fresh author seeking a better way.  In her journey she discovered a way to create what brings her lasting happiness:  time, freedom, and community.  She put ‘fun’ and ‘enough’ back into her life, and ideas and opportunities await – instead of bills and frustrations.

This book put a smile on my face.  If you’re looking for a light entertaining read that includes simplify your life and smart-sizing ideas, you’ll enjoy this book.

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