New clothing line for go-getter women 40+

All_Styles_1There’s a new women’s clothing venture out of Seattle WA called TomboyX  – clothing specifically for go-getter women 40+ .

I like the details, fabrics, and innovative design features in the sample clothes shown in the video.  Women’s body’s over 40 start to change, so the designers fit the clothing on actual 40+ bodies (instead of the standard young-body fit model) to make sure the clothes fit right.  Details such as a special hidden button to keep button-front shirts from gaping, wider sleeves, and fabric cut on the bias for natural stretch are just some of the innovative details that make this clothing line different.  I also like that everything from design to production to marketing is made in America – which means living wage jobs.

From watching the video, my personal take of what these former girls were like: they played baseball, were in bands, were leaders, were active making a positive difference in the world instead of wishing for boyfriends to rescue them.  (Sounds like a definition of boomer women.:)  To view the start up clothing styles or support this venture, click here.

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