It’s a coffee table…and it’s a doll house

qubis-hausThis coffee table does double duty – its sleek and simple style classes up your small apartment or large house.  And it’s designed in such a way that pre-fab panels can be slid into the pre-formed slot grid to create a working doll house.  No more pink plastic Barbie house clashing with your nice furniture – now you can consolidate by purchasing ONE item that looks nice for your house…and is functional fun for your daughter or son (or adults who like posing action figures etc).

In fact, the scale of the house is better for star wars figures than Barbie dolls, so it could be a spaceship control room one day, a pet palace the next, a traditional doll house another day.  And when your kid outgrows the doll house – you can use the sliding panels to create your own table design, or store the panels until guests with kids (or grandkids) come over.  What a great idea that’s practical, thrifty, and fun.

Thanks to Gizmag for this story.

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