Art class: why should kids have all the fun?

Robot Painting_boysSpark Arts Center is a cute little shop set up to give art classes, art parties, provide art supplies and more to kids, families, and adults.  It seems so often art is scrapped from schools due to budget cuts.  Or art consists of a harried English teacher telling kids to draw illustrations for the paper they are writing – with no instruction help involved to guide a child on what/how to create beauty.  Sparks Art Center is the brain child of Julie Jetton and Marla Munnich, artists and dynamo moms who’ve been involved in PTA and school fundraising, as well as inspiring kids and adults with their art and talents for years through teaching, mentoring, volunteering, and working professionally in the art world.

TissueFor kids, Spark Arts Center has a Messy Art class, Art Adventure, Drawing and Painting, Paper Mache (masks, piñatas, sculptures), Crazy Clay (pinch pots, masks, creative bowls, glazing, slips) and more.

For adults, Friday Happy Hour Art includes one beverage and materials for an adult art project such as Jewelry Making, Aboriginal Gourd Painting, Encaustic painting, Jewelry making and Paper Mache… so adults can play and have fun too.

Paper Mache Hands_1Spark Arts Center hosts Art Parties with studio time and customized art projects for guests. They supply quality art materials and professional guidance.  Spark Arts also sells art supplies. Not only do they have a wide selection of kids art supplies, they also carry a decent selection for teens and adults. They offer custom orders at no additional charge.

Klee_ChapAdditionally, Spark Arts Center is involved in the community.  They’ve had art shows with proceeds benefitting local grade schools, and art camps on days when school isn’t in session (a life-saver for working parents of small children).  The pre-registered classes and the drop-in classes both meet community needs for kids, as do the vacation camps and the adults classes where adults can get to know neighbors and have a fun place to hang out with friends.  Since Julie and Marla are moms, they know what moms need and what’s an affordable price.  Since Julie and Marla are professionals and teachers, they care about helping kids learn lifelong skills, and about quality instruction and materials.  They live in the community and know the kids and parents who they serve.  They’ve been giving back for years volunteering as school room parents, PTA officers, and more.  Now they are taking their talents one step further helping not only kids, but other parents and families through the medium of art.

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  1. You’re welcome Christine.

  2. Thanks, this is a great resource to know about!

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