Build a small House – with included solar electric – in 2 hours

Here’s a great example of next generation thinking.  Although built with disaster relief in mind, I can see this also working as a backyard art studio/get-away or business office.   The AbleNook portable dwelling can be assembled in about 2 hours. If you’d like to help make this happen, be a part of their Kickstarter campaign.

I like that it has electrical wiring built right into the clip-together structural components.  The insulated panels then slide into the structure.  Panels are interchangeable and on a grid, so it’s easy to enlarge the space.  The roof is built of solar panels that feed the built-in electric wiring grid.  There’s a back porch storage area for water and batteries.  Just add a composting toilet and a rainwater collection/purification system, and this would be nearly perfect off-the-grid living.

It would be great to take some of these concepts (with modifications) and create the Build-a-building system.

For further details see Gizmag for this article on AbleNook.

2 responses to “Build a small House – with included solar electric – in 2 hours

  1. Sue Warner-Bean

    Fantastic idea!! Having toured areas devastated by natural disasters, I know the profound positive impact the ablenook could have. And these folks need funding to make it a reality! Their deadline is Monday 2/4; donate at

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