Rosemary: easy-care evergreen cooking/tea/medicinal herb

Rosemary plantRosemary is an easy-care edible evergreen herb for your yard/garden/patio.  It smells great, and can be used in cooking fresh or dried – especially with meats and roasts.  I keep dried rosemary in a jar next to the stove and take out about a teaspoon, crush it, and add to turkey burgers or other meats.  I also prune off a fresh sprig, rinse it with cold water, then let it steep it in cup of hot water for a refreshing and revitalizing tea.  I’ve heard you can use it as a hair rinse to keep brown hair shiny, and in bathwater to revive achy muscles or droopy attitude as well.

As for easy care, the name Rosemary comes from the Latin meaning ‘dew of the sea’…because it is drought tolerant and in some places only needs the water from the sea breeze to survive. I don’t go out of my way to water my rosemary plants, but then again I live in the Pacific Northwest, which is similar to it’s native land. Native to the Mediterranean, Rosemary and has small pretty flowers (my plant has blue flowers, but depending on type they could be white, pink, or purple instead).

The plant is said to help improve memory, but I haven’t noticed any difference.  Maybe it means it’s a plant of ‘remembrance’ as in for weddings or special occasions. However, I love the smell.  Sometimes when I’m walking by the plant (I have it in 3 different places in my yard) I’ll touch the needles to get the oils on my hands and then enjoy the scent – an instant revitalizing perfume.

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