The News Channel I Want

What if the news actually HELPED us find solutions, make connections, added value to our day?  What if news reports focused on creating a better world and things we do want – instead of pointing out the bad apples and things we don’t want?  What if news looked something like this:

“1.5 million people safely arrived at their destinations today through airways worldwide.  Let’s hear from reporter Bill  – today in the Bahamas –  about what conditions are like there.”

“It’s sunny and 80 degrees, the water is clear, the beaches are clean – it’s paradise Darlene!  Hotel packages to the Bahamas start at $$$ and the winter discount rates last through the end of the month.  Back to you.”

“In technology, Belgian students at the State University have created an app that lowers blood pressure.  They’re selling it for 99 cents on iTunes; money raised will fund further research in health and science through the University.”

“In world news, Russia and China are working together to create sustainable food forests on defunct industrial sites.  The sites have been certified toxin free by third parties.  Jobless, underemployed, and families alike are thronging to the jobs being created by this healthy and meaningful work.  Biomass generators digest the crop remnants to generate pollution-free energy.  Composting toilets not only create fertilizer for the new crops, but the rate of illness and disease has decreased 75% due to the efficiency of composting microbe’s ability to digest bacteria and viruses.  This technology is proven to be safer, cheaper, and reliable.  China and Russia agree the industrial grid was energy intensive as well as toxic and expensive.  First and third world governments alike are now looking to combine job creation, food production, energy production, health savings, and over-all cost savings through similar technologies.”

This is the kind of news channel I want to watch/listen to:  one that gives not just positive stories, but news I can actually use.  Movers and shakers, inventions and policies that are moving us toward a better world.  Giving us links to find out more, purchase the product, support the cause.  Pointing out what we want to increase, instead of pointing out what we don’t want (crime, accidents, entertainment that tears others down).

For years we’ve been told, “if it bleeds, it leads”.  If even ONE major network changed their policy to “If it feeds, it leads” there would be a good portion of media-weary who would tune in and celebrate news they could actually use.  But it would have to be free and easily accessible – not this pay-per-view stuff.

If you know of a media company already doing this, please comment below.  This blog really doesn’t count because it’s a thought leader blog, not a full-blown news source.

3 responses to “The News Channel I Want

  1. If you’re looking for news that informs you of what’s actually going on, check out Democracy Now!. But I agree – most news programs have hardly any positivity or direction toward change/ the future. Of course, maybe that’s really because of the state of things – the system we live in is not sustainable and money thwarts the good intentions of many institutions.

    • Thanks for the reply, Jessie. I’ll check out Democracy Now! I think it’s important to get the conversation started. I realize news won’t all be ‘good’, but at least with the focus of ‘if it feeds it leads’ would get us moving in a better direction.

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