Wanted: Women of all sizes, aged 40+ (make fashion history)

fashion pixYou’ve noticed the Fashion category of Better Ideas Now has examples that are practical, mostly affordable, and flattering.  But what you may not have realized is all the models are 40+ years old.  What’s THAT all about?

I figured if it looks good on women 40+, it will look good on a variety of women, and it’s probably a classic style that will stand the test of time. Most women over 40 won’t put up with uncomfortable clothes or shoes, or ill-fitting styles/fabrics, so that’s another reason why contributors are 40+.  They’re honest if something fits and feels right, and honest about their bodies as well – not as scared of a pooch or a wrinkle as a younger woman might be.  They respect and honor their shape, size, and experience, and want to see if a style/fashion ‘really’ will be flattering on their bodies before they shell out bucks.

Since most every other site/catalog features skinny young woman, with styles/fashions foisted on us by an industry that may or may not have real women’s bodies in mind, on Better Ideas Now I wanted to offer something different for women seeking styles that are flattering, modeled on a variety of sizes/shapes of adult women.  So that’s why I ask readers to share what works for them.  This is basically a teaching/sharing site category.  It also shows younger women ideas/styles that stand the test of time, so they know what pieces to invest in. YOU can be a part of making fashion history by being a contributor to this site!

All shapes and sizes of women aged 40 and up are invited to send photos of themselves wearing clothes and accessories they love, so women of all ages can learn.  You’ll be a teacher, a helper, a style maven of the practical by sending in your photos and clothing descriptions. Get together with girlfriends and snap photos with your digital cameras for fun.  If you’re a younger person, grab your mom, aunt, or grandma, take their photos and write down their advice.  This advice will help other women seek out flattering looks for their own size/shape.  Why wait for the fashion industry to tell you what to do?  Read the simple instructions on how to share your style and fashion ideas here.  And the icing on the cake is you can tell your friends that you’re a fashion model and give them the link(s) to prove it!  Better yet, invite them to send in their pictures and advice, too.

Be a part of the change you want to see – clothes that work for real women, modeled by real women!

P.S.  Photo is of Jade – she’s an artist, and shows how important color and pattern are to spice up a winter wardrobe. Also how black and white combine with nearly any other color to form a triad that works beautifully.

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