How to get out of an abusive marriage

Mary StuartMary Stuart – she’s got a wide perky smile and a huge heart.  She’s a mother of three grown children and a grandma of two. She has an MA in History and undergraduate degrees in foreign languages and linguistics. She balances her life between her two passions: helping other women leave stressed and dangerous relationships and developing her cooking and entertaining skills.

Mary Stuart is writing two e-books scheduled for release mid-February, with all proceeds from one book dedicated to abuse recovery groups.  Mary writes an advice blog on how to identify various types of abuse, with articles such as How To Recognize Social Abuse, Sexual Abuse in Marriage, Physical Abuse, the Many Faces of Emotional Abuse, as well as other important topics such as the power of forgiving, and tips for online dating after you’re out of your abusive relationship and have healed.

Mary has been through the maze of marriage abuse herself, so she talks from experience.  She credits ARMS (Abuse Recovery Ministry and Services) largely for saving her life.

Along with her e-books coming up, she’s also working on an autobiographical account of her escape, which she describes as somewhat of a how-to manual, but it does not offer legal, financial, or medical advice. But her writings aren’t sob stories – they’re a map to identify, then get out of the abusive situation.

As for the cooking passion?  I salivate every time she posts photos of the decadent dishes she cooks up for her friends and family on facebook!  Oh, to be so talented!

If you know someone who might benefit from Mary Stuart’s advice, check out her HubPages and feel free to forward them.

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