Nordstrom: socially responsible customer service, wrapped up in fashion

NordstromWhere can you get your make-up done for free, have a personal shopper scour the store for just the items you want, eat a healthy meal, and find clothes that fit (or have them altered so they do)?  For a pampering experience in fashion, I think of Nordstrom.  Nordstrom is a regionally owned socially responsible company that caters to what the Northwest views as upscale casual.  Their products are a good price for quality.  But the real treat comes in the customer service extras they offer.

Personal shoppers will take your size and tastes and find you things to try on.  So if you’re in a rush, or if you hate shopping, they’ll basically do the legwork for you.  In the lingerie department the female sales staff offer free bra fittings and find styles to flatter what you’ve got. They have tailors on site so anything you purchase, you can get tailored! I’ve even brought in my daughters prom dress that needed to be hemmed and a pair of leather pants that needed a new zipper, and they fixed them even though they were purchased elsewhere!  It wasn’t cheap (I think they do their own brands for free or cheap), but the workmanship was quality and it was convenient.

You can sign up for short happy emails.  I like them because they cheer me up and aren’t long and complicated, and they don’t scream at me to buy anything – just bright happy pictures of pretty things in my email box occasionally. Another perk Nordstrom offers is free shipping and free returns.

In my local Nordstrom they’ve got a little restaurant.  The prices are reasonable and some of the food is local and organic.  So after I’ve shopped (or window shopped) I can get a bite to eat and feel pampered.  I’ve met friends there for lunch since it’s easy to find and easy on the budget.

As for social responsibility, corporately they actively support human rights, the environment, and the local community.  Some examples include purchasing from women and minority vendors, being a part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, protecting workers rights around the globe, offering scholarships to college bound high school juniors in areas with Nordstrom stores, supporting United Way, and more.

Quality products, good selection, great customer service, free shipping and returns, a pampering fresh experience for those of us who like to indulge occasionally, and all of that wrapped up in caring about employees, community, and our world.   A better way of doing business.

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