Breathable, waterproof, comfortable boots

Bog bootsBog boots are breathable, waterproof, and comfortable.  I got a pair for myself several years ago, and my teenage daughter kept borrowing them, so I purchased a pair for her as well.  She tells me she wears them practically every day on her college campus in the winter, tucks her jeans into them, wears her coat, and knows that no matter what – rain, snow, wind, sun – she’ll still be comfortable.

I like that they are easy to walk in and seem to just know what temperature to keep my toes comfy.  I can garden, walk to the post office box, ride a bike, run errands.  I don’t know if they’d be appropriate for wearing with a dress (my college daughter may beg to differ on that) but you can wear them pretty much for most activities when the weather is miserable.

My husband has seen me and my daughter wear these boots for years and decided he’d like to try a pair.  The men’s boots seem to be made with more of the heavy waterproof material and less of the lightweight neoprene material (maybe it’s just because my husbands feet are bigger…but I think the design is different, too).  At this time he thinks he’ll use them more for unclogging drains and winter yard work…and less for 3-mile walks to the post office box.  But we’ll see what happens if we get a really soggy or snowy days.

2 responses to “Breathable, waterproof, comfortable boots

  1. Where do you get them?

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