Don’t be slapped around by frantic email demands

My email has stealthily accumulated myriad subscriptions to political, commercial, and hobby interests. I’d open it and be bombarded with frantic pitches to donate money, sign petitions and buy now! These were all organizations I believe in that I at one time signed a petition, or purchased something I liked/ needed, or asked to receive their newsletters/coupons.

So this past week I unsubscribed.  As I received emails, I thought over each one.  If I need their product or service in the future, I can easily search online for their company website and purchase it.  If I want to donate to their cause, I can search online and donate to their cause.  I really don’t need constant emails yelling at me to Buy! Sign! Donate!

I am keeping a few subscriptions – ones that give valuable information that add to my life and don’t constantly beg me for money or to try to sell me things. Also, a few companies who send MONTHLY newsletters (instead of daily barrages) that may have a sale or request but don’t do it in a frenzy-making demanding way.

I’ve noticed that today when I opened my email the first thing I saw were emails from friends and business associates.  The second thing I saw were encouraging/informative/entertaining sites I’ve signed up for.  I know I can search online for what I want to purchase, or organizations I trust to donate to/see what they’re up to.  And I no longer have frantic email demands, or call-to-action buy-now! sales pitches slapping me in the face.  I hadn’t realized it had gotten so bad until I weeded out the noise and realize how good it feels now.

4 responses to “Don’t be slapped around by frantic email demands

  1. Yes! I’ve been working on the same project and am experiencing great results: I’m less distracted and more content.

  2. Gracefully50, it took about a week to go through the bulk of them. Some stragglers are still coming in and I’m giving them the same look-through to see if they are beneficial to my life now, and unsubscribing as needed. I wonder if we mom’s tend to try to nurture the whole world, and then get overwhelmed when all the needy hands are grasping at us. I feel like this was one small step to get my sanity back. I feel like I can breathe easier.

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