Little things make for big memories

Horse and sisterI love my family – a quirky bunch of creative adults and teens who accept each other’s differences, and are often entertained and amused by each other.

Christmas day was an all day relaxed affair that started off with lounging at the breakfast table opening stockings.  Then lounging in the living room opening presents one by one.  Each present was looked at, talked about, used or partially read, before we moved on to the next present.  This made for hours of discussion and amusement.

The kids and my husband went over to grandpa’s house in the afternoon to help him flip his mattress and do a few other little chores.  It allowed the kids to actively help in simple and tangible ways.  It also gave me time to make dinner from scratch and have it on the table for them when they got home.  Since I’m not a huge cook, this was a gift I gave my family for Christmas –  the homemade pot pie and fruit cobbler were both delicious.

My son LOVED the horse mask above.  It was a little thing, but it made for big memories.  My husband took a short iphone video of my daughter hiding behind her new Doctor Who Tardis beach towel, then my son jogging out from behind it in his horse head and slippers.  Simple.  Strange.  Fun.  A wonderful little family memory to cuddle up with and smile about.

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