Bye bye old world thinking: an ode to the end of the world

December 21st 2012:  Old world thinking ends today.  The thinking that we as humans can keep punching the bag called air/soil/water/’the other’/nature in the nose like a bozo clown and expect it to pop back up for more of our abuse.  The old thinking/believing that humans with money, anger, and power are the Lords of the universe.  The old thinking that humans are above all else, and our wishes and will should dictate who has rights and who doesn’t.  The old thinking of believing that if we let our anger turn to love, we’ll ‘lose the game’, and another being/nature will become Lord over us and treat us with the same contempt that we’ve treated them.

New world thinking begins tomorrow.  New world thinking is the realization that we humans are a PART of creation!  Instead of conquerors, we’re creation partners.  We’ll discover to our delight that air/soil/water/’the other’/nature actually wants to work WITH us to create a better place for all…not just a throne for a few rich humans.  The earth itself is rich.  Love that surrounds and holds together the universe is our most abundant resource – and it’s free, accessible to all, and meant to be shared.  We’ll learn that we can tap into this source of love, and be a part of freely passing it around – like an electrical current flowing through us that makes others light up with joy.  We’ll no longer be afraid, confused by, nor try to fight off the fact that we – and all of nature- all connected by a common thread of love.  We’ll learn to embrace this love, to pass it along joyfully, and to in the same breath receive even more love in return.  We’ll learn that healing, sharing, playing, laughing and giving are more energizing and fulfilling than hoarding, taking, killing, hurting, abusing, and hiding.  This is the time referred to as ‘beating our swords into plowshares’ to use a biblical term.  It’s time to evolve to the next level – to use an evolution (or gaming) term.  It’s time to finally wake up, give thanks for, give back to, and enjoy what God/Spirit/Universe has so richly blessed us with.  It’s time to finally ride the wave of the breathing in and breathing out of the breathe of God.  It’s time to live.

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