Hand powered spice grinder keeps one healthy in two ways

Spice Grinder

Ground up Chia and Flax seeds. These have been recommended by my health professional.  I’m thinking ‘but the seeds are already so small – how/why grind them up more?’  The why is to get all the nutrition out of them.  The how is through a spice grinder (many people use their coffee grinders for this purpose).  I figured since 1. I only need to grind up a little at a time,  2. I want to go cheap, and 3. I want to save electricity; I’d look for a manual spice grinder.

This is a photo of the Tulip Spice Grinder, which I picked up at Bob’s Red Mill.  It works like a pepper mill – you unscrew the top, put in the nuts/seeds/spices you want to grind up, turn the thing upside down and twist the neck of the container, and out comes its ground up contents.  If I needed to grind up a larger amount of seeds/nuts/grains, I would probably opt for something from Lehman’s such as this.  But more power means a higher price tag and the use of more energy (possibly needing electricity instead of manual labor).  For now, I’ll stick to my hand-operated spice grinder…which not only grinds up the seeds for my health, but gives me a little bit of exercise as well:)

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