Easy Folk Art Reindeer project

folk art reindeerWhat a great use for scraps from  2×4’s!  My son wanted to build something, but at the time he was only a third grader, and I’m not very handy with building tools.  So we created this simple folk art project from scrap 2×4’s laying around the garage.  Using a combination of nails and screws, we attached the boards, then painted them with outdoor paint.  The sponge clown nose is attached with a nail, and the antlers are a cheap headband  we picked up at the dollar store.  You could use branches from your yard, but you’d most likely have to make new ones each year because they break easily as they age.

During the non-Christmas season, we stored this  -without antlers and nose-  under a large evergreen Camelia bush in the backyard.  As it’s aged, the attached plywood scrap base has deteriorated from being outside touching earth, so we now store the reindeer in the garage when not in use.

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