Cook a turkey in a solar oven

Who would have thought you could cook a turkey in a solar oven?  My how solar ovens have improved.  It wasn’t that long ago when the only solar ovens were the ones you made at home with a pizza box and tin foil.  Then, websites became available to donate solar ovens to people in countries with not much firewood, or who had trouble affording gas/oil/etc. for cooking.  Now, people in first world as well as third world countries can purchase and use solar ovens to bake, boil, and steam food, enhancing taste and benefitting the environment.  Plus, it’s smart to be prepared for emergencies.

The Sun Oven site shows that, in addition to traditional cooking, you can also boil or pasteurize water, make Sun Tea, naturally dehydrate fruits vegetables and meats, kill infestations in grains or dried foods, sanitize dishes, dry firewood, and decrystallize honey or jams.  It’s a little workhorse of efficiency.  Of course you don’t have to buy fuel or pay for electricity…you just put your food inside in the sunshine and wait until it’s done.  Instructions on how to use the oven, recipes, and more are available online, and they have a facebook page that gives out deals and recipe ideas.  If you can work a crock pot, you can work a Sun Oven.  This is one of those better ideas that is insanely practical and simple, and on my bucket list to purchase someday.

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