A taste of home: Bob’s Red Mill has different grains and a good work ethic

Bobs_Red_Mill-LogoI’m thrilled with Bob’s Red Mill.  They’re an icon in Oregon with values and customer service that go beyond outstanding.  They grind their own grain, supplying grains for authentic shows such as PBS’s Frontier house.   They have mill tours so you can see how a working mill does its thing.  In fact, they practically act out the part of the Little Red Hen (except they share the work and at the end let you eat the bread).    The company is now employee owned – a little gift from Bob when he retired.  Bob Moore decided that since his workers were the ones making him successful, they were the ones most able to keep the business running smoothly when he retired – so he gave them the company.  You can bet the service and products are outstanding since each employee’s name is on it.

Bob’s Red Mill produces many traditional as well as odd flours and grains, providing recipes and cooking classes so you know what to do with what you purchase. In their store they also have a restaurant and bakery, so you don’t even have to wait until you get home to eat ‘home-made’ food.  Sure you can purchase Bob’s Red Mill products from many grocery stores, but there’s nothing like going out to their actual home store and browsing the aisles for new oddities and taste treats to try.  We take a monthly trip out and purchase items in bulk to freeze (like their bread), as well as cookies, mixes, beans, and more.  And we sometimes have lunch while there, or bring friends/family with dietary issues, since they have gluten free and low fat options as well.

If you live in the Portland Oregon area, check out Bob’s Red Mill.  If you live outside of the area, check out their website for the free recipes, store history, and more.

2 responses to “A taste of home: Bob’s Red Mill has different grains and a good work ethic

  1. We first encountered Bob’s Red Mill in advertising in Mother Earth News, which we subscribe to. We were subsequently delighted to find that the grocer Natural Pantry in Anchorage carries a full line of Bob’s Red MIll Products. We feel the flour is simply a superior product, and their steel cut oats as well as their multi-grain breakfast cereals are staples in our Arctic pantry. We buy in bulk, support ethical companies, and love the fact that we can get flours that are hard to find elsewhere.

    • From reading about your adventurous sailing summer life and teaching winter life in Alaska, it’s wonderful that you are actively living your dreams. Your article about low bush blueberry fruit bread was mouth watering!

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