Creative reusable gift wrap using fabric, scarves, and more

gift wrap:fabric and scarvesGift wrap – it’s pretty, but it costs a lot of money and then you throw it away.  Here’s an earth-friendly alternative, especially if you have a lot of fabric or scarves laying around.  Scarves, pillowcases, and random pretty fabric can all work …closed up with a few safety pins, rubber bands, or creative tying.  Here are some examples:

Put your square or rectangle gift inside a pillowcase, fold the case over, then tie the whole thing closed with a pretty scarf (example – navy flannel pillow case tied with gold stars on a red mesh scarf).

If you’ve got a cylinder shape gift, take a large rectangle scarf and wrap it around the cylinder.  Use safety pins to close off the bottom, and use elastic or ribbon to tie off the sides (purple striped rectangle scarf).

The red satin fabric tied with a red/white/blue-patterned scarf, and the purple velvet fabric tied with a purple silk scarf topknot, are both just random bits of fabric wrapped with random scarves.

After the occasion/holiday, gather up the fabric, put it in a delicate laundry load, dry it, fold it up and put it back in your fabric drawer/box/cupboard.

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