Traveling the world with compassion

Sue Warner-BeanFrom the definition for Compassion:  (noun) a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.  Compassion:  A word that sums up the heart of Sue Warner-Bean.  Sue has been a listening ear for survivors and families who’ve lost loved ones in aviation disasters and other accidents. But Sue isn’t a counselor – she develops emergency response plans and training for companies big and small world-wide. Sue helps them prepare so that if tragedy strikes, they won’t just react, they’ll respond — immediately, effectively, and compassionately. She knows that good plans and preparation can make a profound difference to survivors and families, give confidence to employees, and protect the company’s reputation.

When Sue’s not keeping the world safe from harm, she’s traveling in it! She’s partnered with PeaceTrees Vietnam to build a Kindergarten honoring her fallen Marine brother, David Warner.

Sometimes the friendships are more one-on-one. Nineteen years ago she met a young man named Berhanu in Ethiopia. She kept in touch, helped put him through college, and recently put together a video as part of a fundraising campaign to help Berhanu launch his tour business and provide for his wife and two boys – if you’re looking for a gift with heart, here’s your opportunity!

Sue is also a trained Hospice volunteer (she says they always need more!) which involves being a friend and a loving presence with the terminally ill. Sue considers this work a privilege.

Sue’s compassion is part of her core.  She’s a good friend, knowing how to play, how to have fun, how to appreciate the simple things in life. I guess when you spend your time helping bring light to people who are going through dark times, you need to laugh to help keep the balance.  And you need to listen.

One response to “Traveling the world with compassion

  1. Thought you’d like to know Behanu will be starting his Ethiopian tour business thanks to Sue! Sue is a hero to Berhanu, but everyone who helped is a hero to BOTH Sue and Berhanu. Thank you!

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