Free pet snails are low maintenance

If you’re looking for free and easy pets, check the yard.  A few years ago my daughter found these large and colorful snails in our garden.  We had a glass fish bowl laying around, which my daughter cleaned every week, putting in fresh grass, leaves, and sticks from outside.

These photos were taken without the cheesecloth cover rubber-banded on top.  You’ll need to have a breathable covering on top so your pets don’t crawl out and become escargo for other animals in your home.

I hadn’t realized how beautiful snails are.  And I like that these were FREE pets, using housing we had on hand, and food/entertainment being whatever we had in the yard/garden (or in the winter whatever greens are starting to wilt in the fridge).

If you’re looking for a cheap pet for yourself, your kids, or visiting grandkids, consider looking around your yard for bugs, snails, etc.  It’s entertaining, you can set them free when you tire of them (or post them on like we did).   Maybe you’ll discover your new pet is interesting and kinda neat-o.

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