Nice guys finish first

I like nice guys.  The #1 thing I like about my husband is his kindness (followed closely by his humor, and also we can’t forget his dashing good looks).  I’ve noticed some of my younger friends have their eyes on the nice guys too.

One young lady asked me ‘is it weird that I like the teacher-looking type?  I mean, the nice slacks, dress shirt, slender, glasses, serious kind of guy who is employed in a regular job?’  Not all women are after Indiana Jones or Magic Mike.  In fact often that kind of devil-may-care or I’m-to-sexy-for-myself behavior is a turn-off. It’s important that a guy be clean and kind and smart and resourceful and have a good sense of humor.  And there’s the looks factor – but many times after a gal gets to know a nice guy, somehow he starts looking more attractive.  I tell my kids “Marry for personality, because whoever you marry will end up looking like Grandpa eventually”  (no offense, Grandpa…or Grandma for that matter).   The bottom line is, looks are transitory.  But a quality person who is willing to grow and change is a gem.

So take heart, nice guys (and gals).  If you’re a kind, smart, clean, resourceful person with a good sense of humor who likes himself enough to take care of himself, then you have a good chance of meeting up with a woman who does the same.  Maybe that would be a good new meet-up group: ‘Nice Person Meet-Up’ where only nice people can attend, and they do stuff together in groups (none of this one-on-one awkward stuff). And these events would be alcohol free, since often alcohol brings out boring, icky, or awkward behavior.

That’s just my take on the dating scene from the peanut gallery of a happily married woman. But if you think about it, taking advice on dating from a happily married woman might be a pretty good idea….

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