Pants that don’t pooch out

As  a short petite 40+ woman, the zipper or buttons in front on jeans tend to jut out, giving an odd pooch-type area on my strawberry figure.  One option is to wear elastic waist yoga type pants, but sometimes a gal wants to wear jeans.  So here’s a compromise – JAG brand Jeans have a wide stretchy denim waist band with no front closures at all, so the jeans lie flat.  Which makes  the shirt on top lie flat. Which you can then layer with a sweater.  Another nice thing about wearing pants with a flexible waist band is you don’t have to loosen or tighten a belt around the holidays – they just stretch comfortably to fit whatever time of the year (or time of the month).

JAG jeans, slim fit, 77% cotton, 21% polyester 2% spandex, purchased at Nordstrom.  Caslon brand long sleeve t-shirt, 100% cotton, purchased at Nordstrom.  Halogen striped v-neck cardigan sweater, 100% Merino wool, purchased at Nordstrom. Necklace purchased at The Difference.

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