Supporting those who grow local organic food

Will Raap takes local food seriously….all over the world. Will is involved in several ways to make choosing to grow organic food – or support those who do – a reality.

Will is the chairman of employee-owned Gardener’s Supply Company  which sells home gardening tools and household helps, but also provides FREE extras like an online kitchen garden planner.  He’s the co-chair of the New Economics Institute who’s goal is to collaborate with business and government to create common sense policy.  Will co-chaired the task force set up by the Vermont Business for Social Responsibility that led to the creation of the Farm to Plate (F2P) initiative, putting better policy in place to create more farm jobs and get local food into the hands of consumers.

Will is involved with the Intervale Center in Vermont, which starts, staffs, consults, and helps new local farmers .  He supports a similar program in Costa Rica.  He’s even helping to promote a small village of single family homes that share a 150 acres of common land for farming, wildlife, and recreation – a little piece of paradise.  And these are just a few of the projects he’s had a hand in.

Will Raap is helping invent a healthier and more resilient food system, which supports a change in social, environmental and economic policy for the better.

For more information about Will Raap and his projects, and how you might be involved, click here.

One response to “Supporting those who grow local organic food

  1. I’m all on board with people like Will that are trying to make a difference on what we’re collectively putting in our bodies:))

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