What does a free swap look like?

Here’s  three TV shows and videos that feature Free Swapping, how it helps the environment, is fun, and is making a positive difference:

The first video is a segment from KATU TV’s Go Green Series,  where you can see women enjoying a Free Clothing Swap and get an idea how they work. This was filmed and produced by Bryon Garvin.

The second video shows the fun of a  free December Holiday Gift and Toy Swap .  You’ll notice how content and kind everyone is to be part of recycling what they no longer need/use/love, and getting new gifts to give/keep for the holidays.  The video was filmed and produced by one of my hero’s –  my (then 16 year old) daughter Aubrey.

Diana McIntosh and Jennifer Smith are volunteer swap hostesses who went on KATU’s AM Northwest show to discuss Free All Size Clothing Swaps and Childrens Clothing and Toy Swaps.  They even had their kids model some of the clothes.

Now that you’ve seen how much fun free swaps are, and how they can make a positive difference for your community, if you’d like to start your own free swap, here’s how.

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