Women 40+ model clothing styles they love

UPDATE 01/08/2023 – when I started over 40 fashions, there were very few bloggers showcasing real women fashion on older women’s bodies.  Now, it is very common, due to not only websites, but instagram, youtube, facebook, and more!  I’m glad I was able to be a part of helping to make common the visualization of all sizes/ages of bodies showcasing the women’s clothing that they like and find flattering!)

As a woman 40+ it’s sometimes hard to find something that actually fits!  And it isn’t helpful that catalogs have young, tall, thin models – how can I to see what  looks right on someone MY age/size/shape?   Plus I want to see real, authentic women – not airbrushed fantasy.  I wanted to see what clothing would look  good on me at my current age – not mutton dressed as lamb, or shapeless polyester.  Isn’t there a better way?

Taking this question, I created a website that invited women over 40 to send in photos of themselves in clothes they enjoy that fit THEIR shape and size.  Loved items already in their closet – possibly their signature piece(s), or something new that they find exciting.  An added benefit:  women under 40 could see what classic fashions stand the test of time so they know what pieces to invest in.

Over 40 Fashions was born. (I no longer own the over 40 fashions domain name or website)

I add blog entries as I get new clothes, but lets face it – I’m not a clothes horse.  So in a perfect world, women of other shapes/sizes would collaborate with me and send in what works on their size/shapes as well.

If you’re a women who is 40 or older (or have such women in your life – a mom, aunt, friend),  I’m looking for your/ their opinion on what works for you.  Take a photo, write a short description, and email to share.  Not only will you be helping other women with fashion ideas, but it’s  fun to tell your friends “I’m a fashion model on the internet!”   (So if you’ve always wanted to be a model but never thought you’d get the chance, here’s your chance!)  I’m NOT looking for perfect bodies – all the other sites have those.  I’m looking for REAL bodies – just like yours – showing off clothing styles that you feel fit and flatter your figure.

3 responses to “Women 40+ model clothing styles they love

  1. O.K., I just reserved all three Tim Gunn books from the library – thanks again, Kevin:)

  2. I am not a woman, and I do not play one on t.v.. But it seems that this is a very NEEDED site, and am proud of you for thinking of it. It also comes to mind that I know a couple people who do this very well–helping the “real” women dress the best for their bodies. Those two people, yes, both men, are Tim Gunn and Carson Cressely. They both had (have?) shows on cable t.v. that took women with less-than-model bodies, and taught them how to dress for their shapes (all the while celebrating their curves and natural beauty, thank you!). I think that Tim Gunn has a book that actually gives the “rules” for keeping proportions and silhouettes most pleasing/flattering.

    And so I share this because I think it might come in handy when helping all those beautiful women who are dressing their bodies. Please know, by the way, that often even models don’t know how to dress for their bodies–they have stylists and dressers who do that for them. And as a man, I will say that it is also a fact that most MEN who are hubba hubba “stars” have hired stylists to teach them how to dress. This is particularly true of singer/performers and actors.

    It just seems to me that it is a rare gift for someone to naturally have a sense of style and of what suits them. This is a talent one develops. Good for you helping nurture these abilities!!!! Now. Accessories are another juggernaut!

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