iweb/wordpress snafu solved

My hero today is James ‘Jamie’ Pollock, computer consultant.  I’ve been talking to web design people for months trying to solve an issue on how to put a category feed from a wordpress site into my  iweb site’s home page.  They’ve all told me point blank “get rid of iweb and start a wordpress site!”  And although I realize that would be, in a perfect world, the ideal thing to do, the problem is I’ve got a LOT of content on my iweb site I’d have to transfer over.  I would rather archive the content and just add new content in my chosen (albeit unconventional) way – content I can blog about in a category on my current wordpress site.

This is where Jamie comes in.  I’m doing my usual online searching for an answer for my problem and I learn an RSS feed would work…and my iweb HAS an RSS feed. So I put the box on my iweb home page, copy the http code from the wordpress site’s category link, and…nothing.  I’m thinking it *should* work with the right http code wording.  So I go online and find a list of companies that work with MACs in my neighborhood, to try to find someone familiar with iweb, wordpress, AND computer code/wording.  In that list is Royalwise solutions, who provide inhome computer training consultation and have a  LOT of satisfied customer comments.  I sent an email asking what are the magic words/code/etc. to get a wordpress category feed to go into an RSS feed on iweb.

Jamie responded in TWELVE MINUTES.  1 Point for quick customer service,  and I wasn’t even a customer.

Jamie gave me the ‘secret magic words’ – so I’m up and running with the what I want!  2 Points.

Jamie said that if my question was that simple, no charge.  3 Points.

Jamie said to contact him if I have any computer needs in the future,  and to tell my friends how helpful his company is.   Done:)  Thanks to James ‘Jamie’ Pollock of Royalwise Solutions for answering my question quickly, kindly, and with respect.

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