Cheap and easy business cards

I was online at Vista Print ordering business cards and saw they have a new web design service.  When you fill in the information on your business card order, there’s a button you can click that will allow you to create a web site.  From what it looks like, it’s a click and drag situation (i.e. you don’t have to know computer code or anything) and it can be in the same style as your business cards, so everything matches in a tidy sort of way.  It looks like you get the first month web site hosted for free, and then it’s like $4.99 per month after that.  Since I already have a website I don’t need another one.  But if you don’t have a website, and you’d like one created from a free template that matches your Vista Print business cards, this looks like something to look into.

They also have a link you can click if you want your web business to have an 800 number.  Who would have thought an online business card company would have such nifty marketing tools?  You can also order everything from window clings, to t-shirts, to yard signs, to magnets with your business name/logo on them.

By the way, the 250 business cards I purchased recently were only $3.99.  The shipping was more than the price of the cards.  Very economical.

For more information go to

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